About us

About Us - Cool Sheds Australia

Cool Sheds was founded immediately after I went to buy a shed.

Because blokes around Australia need me.

I walked around their store, and walked out empty handed after having staff try and upsell me on a fancy, overpriced shed for 40 minutes.

I’d done my research, and it was obvious they hadn’t. It wasn’t their fault- when a store stocks over 2000 product lines, it’s impossible for them to be a subject expert at everything.

I drove home and started researching. I knew I could provide more value than a retail store, who are there to make sure they’re earning the correct mark up per foot of retail space they rent.

By keeping my store online, I pass the overhead savings directly on to you. We’ve got combined experience in associated industries of over 50 years, and our buying power is second to none. Our goal is to keep them as close to wholesale prices as we can manage, while providing you a better shopping experience than you’ll ever get under a roof.

There’s no need to attempt to price match like you would in a shop- because these are near wholesale prices, they’ll never be honoured in a storefront as they’re ‘online prices’. Yeah, there’s a reason they don’t honour them! They’d go out of business- it’s impossible for them to run these same products at our prices.

Having said that, if you come across a lower price in an Australian owned, business registered online store, let me know so we can beat it and service you even better.

And when you call us, right here in Australia, I’m not answering the phone sitting in a fancy office above the shop floor, wearing a suit. If you need some expert advice on which option is best for you, just give me a ring. I’m probably outside in my favourite place, the back shed.